A photo story: Simon’s Rocky Road

It started with an idea, a plan, a dream- ‘Driving Home for Christmas’- Nope, they’re running it.

41 hours, 175 miles and a whole lot of exhaustion to plan out Simon Whitehouse’s dream of running home to spend Christmas with his mum and Paddy his dog became more than a dream when hotels were booked, friends got involved and baked beans were packed. This 175 mile journey started at Paddington and ended in his and our home town on Stoke on Trent in the West Midlands. Him and his brother ‘Marathon Mike’ both live overseas in Milan and New York and flew in especially for their epic journey.

This isn’t the first time Simon has totted up a staggering amount of miles, not so long ago he got a taste for ultathons when he started in New York and ran all the way to the steps of Philadelphia also known as the ‘Rocky Steps’. Simon makes it a tradition to run in his iconic Rocky balboa shorts and he did just this on the day of his run home for christmas.

Due to a torn ligament in his foot, Simon had to cycle the whole way and Mike ran the majority of it but both reached their destination in the end. The amount of physical pain and emotional breakdowns made it even more inspirational and with a great team behind them it spurred them on until the  very end.

If you’re wondering what kind of emotion encourages someone on to run this distance just look at yourself- love, passion, grief, loss, suffering, depression and blackness. Let’s be honest, we’ve all been there, why hide it? We all do weird and crazy things to cope with these very real parts of many lives but why not let those coping methods inspire others to be brave and amazing. The human mind can go through some very terrible lows but out of this there comes many highs too.

We can all do incredible things if you put your mind to it.

Thanks for letting me document this amazing journey guys

– Ro



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